Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I give a song as a gift?
A: There are two ways. (1) Write something for your friend, and we'll turn it into a song. (2) If your friend is the creative type, pre-pay for a song, and we'll email the person a gift certificate.

Q: Do you re-use melodies?
A: No! Every customer gets an original song.

Q: I need the song in less than three weeks. Is there any way I can ensure I get it by a certain date?
A: Yes, we can probably work something out.

Q: Can you give me an instrumental mix so I can sing along, karaoke-style?
A: Yes. This extra mix is free. Just tell us ahead of time that you'll want one.

Q: Can I submit lyrics that I did not write?
A: Yes, but you must either pay an extra $125.00 or prove that the text was published before 1923. Unfortunately, we cannot submit a song into the Public Domain if it contains lyrics that are copyrighted.

Q: I'm nervous my poetry isn't good enough.
A: Nonsense.

Q: I'm still wondering about something not asked here.
A: Please go to our contact page and pick "Questions or Comments" on the drop-down menu.

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