Basic Awesome Song : $75
An Awesome Song is a carefully and thoughtfully composed 2-4 minute song, and the style of music will be based on the songwriter's own interpretation of the poetry. The basic awesome song will be recorded with one instrument and voice.

Advanced Awesome Song : $100
For the extra $25, the song will be recorded with a fuller arrangement with more instruments. Drums, bass, harmony vocals -- stuff like that.

Recorded Songs are emailed in mp3 and/or wav format (your choice), and will be sent in less than three weeks. For an extra $5, we can send an audio CD through the mail.

All songs will be entered into the Public Domain (lyrics, music, and all) two weeks after completion, unless rights are specifically purchased by the lyricist. For an extra $125, you can purchase the exclusive rights to both the composition and the recording. Lawyers and paperwork will not be involved (unless you provide them), but in the United States, a work is automatically copyrighted, and my sending an email (or written document) to you granting you the rights is in fact legally meaningful. Unless you purchase the rights yourself, sending us the lyrics to write a song signifies an agreement that the song with your lyrics will be entered into the Public Domain.

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