11 Reasons to Have Your Poems Turned Into Songs

1 Know what it feels like to have your own songs on your iPod.
2 Surprise that special someone with an original love song.
3 Memorize a difficult lesson by giving it a tune.
4 Convince your family to finally listen to all your poetry.
5 Have us record a song for a prank.
6 Give your poet friend a gift certificate. Now you have an lyricist friend!
7 Encourage kids to write creatively, by setting them up for a PoetryToMusic song.
8 Write a birthday song for your best friend.
9 Request sheet music from us, and dust off your old guitar.
10 Take that sheet music across town, and get your friend's band to play it.
11 Send us a set of lyrics about your early childhood, and another about high school. Keep it up until you've made a musical version of your life.

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